My wasted Earth

Soft music wafted when in bed
Calling me to wake up and go to him
See the Sun peeping at the break of dawn
Giving the Moon much needed rest
There he stands mighty and tall
The rays of the Sun bracing
His snow covered crown
Making it glow all white and gold
The abode of Gods Shiva and Durga living there
With the Ganga flowing from his head
He dancing in delight with his trident in hand
Pleasing his consort Durga his eternal wife
His call to him comes as a boon
Once in a lifetime such a call comes
The urge to run to him grew with
Every passing moment that went by
The journey to him was arduous indeed
Heard the music played by nature
So soothing and unique
Never can we hear this where we live
The sounds of the streams and rivers
As it flows down gurgling music to the ear
Chirping and tweeting of birds,
Some singing some whistling
Rest under the tree by road side
Hear the winds whistle, blowing cold winds
Bracing the face, fragrance of the woods
So unique a creation to cherish and preserve
Green all around, trees in abundance
Blue sky up above, clouds floating by
This is the home given by the Lord
To all living creatures whose children are we
We kill helpless creatures for skins or prize
Shoot them down or club to death
Mass kill insects’ with pesticides
The birds meet their death,
Poisoned by grains they innocently eat
Rivers lost mighty Ganga too
Now just a river not a mighty one
Yamuna no more a river but a poisoned stream
Plastics and city waste all disposed here
No more are the rivers fresh and blue
More so at cities where the knowledgeable live
Yet we pray here treating them as Gods
Our life sustaining rivers all but lost
Glaciers melted many lost
Weather hot as it never was
Lands eroded by swelling seas
Farm lands parched by scorching Sun
Rich farmlands give way to high-rise house
Factories all types contaminating the earth
No pure water or air we get in cities we proudly live
This is progress we acknowledge writing our epithet
‘We intelligent humans, here once we lived’
Paid my obeisance to my lord I came to meet
He whispered to me in my heart
I sent you humans to Earth to live in peace
Not kill or destroy what I painstakingly built
All prayers and offerings are of no use to me
Just follow my teachings preach them to all
Live happily as children do
That’s the prayer I expect from you.
23 05 2012

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